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Antonella Martinelli - The National Ballet of Canada

September 07, 2016

Antonella Martinelli - The National Ballet of Canada


 Antonella Martinelli is originally from Santa Fe, Argentina. She received her training at Canada's National Ballet School, graduating from the Post Secondary Program in 2007. While a student at NBS, Ms. Martinelli was the recipient of the Peter Dwyer scholarship in 2005. Ms. Martinelli's training at NBS was made possible by the generous support of the Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation. Ms. Martinelli joined The National Ballet of Canada's RBC Apprentice program in August 2007, and the company as a member of the Corps de Ballet from 2008-2010 before rejoining the company in 2016. 

What has been one of your favourite experiences on stage so far? 

 Every time onstage is special and unique in its own way. But I have to admit my first show back with The National Ballet of Canada after being away for almost six years was an incredible, unforgettable experience.  

  Do you have a favourite theatre to perform in? 

Definitely! The Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts in Toronto, because it’s home to us. I would also love to perform in the Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires one day, since it’s home to me. 

Antonella Martinelli - The National Ballet of Canada - Photo by Karolina Kuras

  Photo by Karolina Kuras 

How would you describe the difference between a rehearsal and a show? 

 In rehearsal, you patiently work hour after hour with extreme discipline and endless repetition on every detail; the show is the final result of all that work. There’s a lot of self-discovery that happens in rehearsals; although that aspect can be painful at times, it truly is a beautiful process that allows you to grow so you can go out there to do what you do best. I love being onstage, but for me rehearsing or getting ready for a show is as rewarding, if not more so, than the show itself. 

Is being a professional ballet dancer anything like you imagined it to be when you were training? 

 It’s so much more than that glamorous idea I had when I was 13. We truly have the best job. Especially considering everything that's going on with the world these days, I feel very fortunate to be a professional ballet dancer. You can't turn on the TV or read a newspaper without seeing so much pain and misery going on around the world. I believe people come to the ballet to escape all that for a couple hours, and it's an honour to be able to help do just that.  


Antonella Martinelli - The National Ballet of Canada - Photo by Karolina Kuras

Photo by Karolina Kuras

   Do you focus on specific exercise along side your daily training, rehearsals and performances? 

My 30min warm-up ritual prior to ballet class every morning helps me get ready for the day. I also enjoy going to the gym.  

 Are you conscientious about nutrition and how you fuel your body? 

Very much so. We are athletes, so fuelling our bodies properly is imperative to get us through our long days, especially during the performing season. 

How do you go about relaxing and taking time away from your active lifestyle? 

Being able to turn it all off when you get home is something we all aspire to. It's easier said than done. But having a great family and friends to support you through laughter, love and a good glass of wine, sure does help.



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